Advantages of Security Systems for Residential and Commercial

February 19, 2021 -

Most people tend not to install a security system in their houses. In Malaysia, street crimes are on the rise. In this year alone, there were around 4.8k cars stolen in the nation. HTMS is a security system company that offers home and business security for our clients. We have experts in the fields of IT networking and wiring. We will wire in such a way that the house’s infrastructure won’t be damaged. We design, supply, install, troubleshoot, and maintain. We have all kinds of security systems available, ranging from Bio-metric Fingerprint systems to IT networking and wiring. Before installing a security system from our company, look at the advantages that home or business security offers. Here are the advantages of having a security system installed by our company.

Advantages of Security System

Once you have installed our security systems, you can expect to be saved from most burglars and home-hijackers. The advantages of installing a security system are:

  1. It protects your valuables:

Whenever anyone thinks about installing a security system, they tend to think about their valuables. Valuables can be classified as jewelry, documents, electronics, and many more. The tragedy occurs when one cannot retrieve their items, even with the help of the police. It’s best to let a security system company install a system in your house such as HTMS. Security systems have an alarm that starts ringing if an unauthorized person enters your house/office. Just the sound of the alarm scares the uninvited guest, and then the security system alerts the authorities nearby.

  1. It deters crime:

A 2009 study has shown that if there are an increased number of security systems in an area, the number of crime rates decreases. It even helps those people who don’t have a security system installed in their houses/offices.

  1. It allows remote access to your house:

It allows you to check your house through the power of the internet remotely. HTMS install cameras inside your house so that you can monitor your house 24/7.

  1. It helps lower homeowner’s insurance:

You might be paying for the security system, but it will lower your home insurance by up to 20% in turn. With alarms alerting the nearby authorities, that combined makes it a great deal to own a security system.

  1. It notifies you if there is any gas leakage or a fire outage:

Security System Companies such as HTMS offer smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors that go off if there is such an emergency. You should contact us if you want these to be installed in your home/office.

  1. It helps you to keep tabs on kids:

Another significant aspect of remote access to your home is that you can monitor your kids. If, let’s say you leave your kids at home alone, you can monitor them remotely. You also don’t have to worry about kids losing a key, as you can unlock the door remotely.

  1. It helps improve electricity management:

We do IT networking and wiring in such a way that you can control the thermostats in your house (remotely), and if you left the iron on, you could turn off the plug remotely. Saving you electricity bills annually.

  1. It creates peace of mind:

Every day you leave your house in a worry of getting robbed or someone hi-jacking your house. But with home security, you will have peace of mind of not getting hi-jacked or getting robbed.

In conclusion, home security is critical. Security system companies such as HTMS offer security systems such as Bio-metric Fingerprint system, IT networking and wiring, and many more. Contact us now to get a security system installed.