Flap Barrier System and Auto Gate Johor

When it comes to providing the top-notch security system to any property and building, Hitech Monitoring System is your one-stop solution for all the requirements. Another one of our services that turned out to be highly effective for protecting and putting barrier across the entrance is the installation of the flap barrier system and auto gate in Johor. HTMSZ product catalogue has gate barriers manufactured by MAG, Ranger, ZKTeco, DEA, and TAU.

What Is Auto Gate?

Auto gate in Johor is a great solution for enhancing safety and security, controlling the flow of people, monitoring and controlling access, and maintaining privacy within a reasonable cost. Auto gates are installable at multiple places, with low to high risk of security. The functioning of these gates is automatic and creates a barrier for the entrance and exit of the vehicles.

Auto gates in Johor offer convenience, easy installation and control, add value to the property, and improve security. Moreover, gate barriers give a safe and reliable system managing access and control of the traffic.

Flap Barrier System

Flap barriers are the automatic gates that you see at airports, offices, malls, or stations. They are also popular by the names of optical turnstiles and speed gates. The flap barrier system is ideal for managing the crowd and solving the security issues in the public areas. Installing flap barriers can easily safeguard a place with a constant and high flow of people.

Flap barriers are basically an opening of two wings, which opens and closes automatically. Most of the time, it is integrated with the biometric system and RFID card systems to enhance the safety and access control system.

Many buildings have installed flab barriers at their entrance and exit passages. At various locations, people use an access card to scan through the machine, which signals the flap barriers to open up and close within a minute.


  • A controlled access solution for the industries, airports, stations, universities, or offices
  • Offers high-speed and efficient access with medium-level of security
  • It can be integrated with biometric (Fingerprint Door Access) and other security systems to enhance the efficacy of each system
  • Easy availability of spare parts for maintenance and repairing