Industrial Wiring and Telecommunication

Hitech Monitoring System offers a wide range of service to the industries in the domain of industrial wiring and telecommunication. We deliver prompt supply and installation of electrical wiring and fulfil other needs and requirements of the organization with quality products.

Types Of Cables For Different Industries

Different industries have distinct and unique requirements for industrial and electrical wiring. To cater to these demands, various types of cables are used and installed. Some of the cable types are as follows:

PUR Cable

For machine tool manufacturing, cables such as PUR cable are suitable due to their flexibility. These highly flexible cables also possess high strength, stress tolerance, and resistance to chemicals and oil. They are durable and can go through the abuse of most of the industrial application.

PUR OD Cable

PUR OD cables are perfect for utilizing in outdoor due to their sturdy and robust structure. These cables can resist the abuse of UV rays, seawater, or diesel. They can survive in temperatures ranging from -50 °C to +105 °C with high flame resistance. These cables for IT networking and wiring are used in the mobile equipment area. Also, they possess strength and power for outdoor.

PUR U Cable

PUR U cables have long-lasting flexibility to endure the harsh conditions and applications. They are resistant to flame and oil. Also, their robust and sturdy structure provides strength and power for wiring in many industries.

POC Cable

POC cables are the right choice or the electrical wiring that is exposed to sparks and welding processes. These cables can survive at a temperature of 150 °C for a longer duration and with continuous functioning. They are ideal for application in the areas where heat is constant. Also, with extreme strength and thermal resistance, they can work out in steel industries and welding processes.

PVC Cable

PVC cables possess mediocre strength and work best in the industries that require medium stress tolerance. They can offer great resistance to various chemical agents and survive in the food industry. These cables are low cost and durable.

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