IT Network Wiring and Fiber Optic Solution

Hitech Monitoring System plays its part in offering services for IT networking and wiring. We supply network cable system and install high-quality cables. Our trained personnel take care of the IT networking and wiring and Network Cabling Services ensure that it meets all the demands by the customers.

Network Cabling

What Is Included in Network Cabling Services?

IT networking and wiring involves the installation of network cables, which becomes the source of transmitting and exchanging information from one network device to another device. These cables and wiring acts as the backbone of the network infrastructure and plays its role in effective communication. For foolproof network cabling services, the selection of the cables depends upon the network’s size, usage, procedure, or topology. The enterprises choose the networking cable for efficient business functions. For networking and wiring system, the type of the

network cable used in the network infrastructure is the most crucial aspect for many industries.

The networking and wiring might be necessary for the infrastructure of videos, voice, CCTV services, automation systems, and fingerprint door access systems. Moreover, several standards and different types of networking cables are available for specific purposes. These cables are:

       Shielded twisted pair cable

       Coaxial cable

       Unshielded twisted pair and USB cables

      Fibre optic cable

Fibre Optic Solution

The innovative fibre optic solution includes network cables made with strands of glass and several layers of protection, rather than insulated metal wire. Fibre optic cable eliminates the issues that occur due to electronic signals transmission by transmitting light. Hence, it has become at the spots that that contain a high quantity of electrical obstruction. Moreover, these fibre optic cables are bendable and valuable for WAN (wide area network) installation, where a network of long-distance cables is required. Two types of fibre optic cables that are useful for the industries are single-mode: 100BaseBX standard and multimode: 100BaseSX standard. Single-mode has high bandwidth capacity, which is ideal for long-distance networks. In contrast, multimode is cost-effective and perfect for local networks.
Network Cbling