Hitech Monitoring System, as a security system company, offers a variety of services to secure and safeguard a property entirely, with no blind spots. Through years of experience, we have achieved the leading position in providing security solutions along with the supply, installation, maintenance, and repairing of quality products for a flawless security system.

Our services are available for small to large-scale projects and industries. With the latest technology and innovative solutions, we integrate different systems and offer various facilities altogether. You can trust us with the reliable and immaculate provision of the security system and high-quality products.

We Offer

Gate Barrier & Auto Gate

Flap barrier system and auto gates have become a necessity in the buildings to control the flow of traffic and crowd. Installation of automatic gate barrier in Malaysia with high functioning is one of our fortes. We also provide auto gates with the integration of biometric technology to enhance its protective features.

CCTV Service Provider

One of the significant element for ensuring security is the installation of CCTV around the property. It adds value as well as secure the surroundings by keeping an eye on the events happening around 24/7. The audio and video recordings are accessible in high resolution and with historical records.

IT Networking Solution

IT networking involves a lot of calculation and measurements, along with choosing the right type of cabling network for the enterprises. Hitech Monitoring System manages the entire system for networking and providing security to improve functioning and operations.

Door Access Control System

Controlling the door access is highly crucial for safeguarding any building. One way to secure the entrance and exit passages is by installing a door access control system. We provide a highly effective and efficient door access system Johor Bahru, Malaysia that integrates with a centralized software to offer access to relevant personnel.

Biometric Fingerprint System

The integration of biometric technology in several systems rises the quality of those systems. With the use of a biometric fingerprint system, the door access system enhances its functioning. Also, it helps in time attendance, access control, security, and many other systems.

Industrial Supply

Hitech Monitoring system works for the provision of various facilities to the industries. These services range from electrical wiring to the supply of machinery and equipment. We utilize our seamless resources and high-quality products for industrial applications.