Fingerprint Door Access System

With the help of biometric technology, several innovative and effective systems have been developed, such as face recognition, eye scanning, voice recognition, and fingerprint door access system. In the fingerprint door access, the biometric reader records, recognise, and verify the fingerprints of the personnel.

Fingerprint recognition biometric system comes with several benefits for the users and companies. It is cost-effective, reliable, practical, and easy to use access system. Moreover, it also sets the security as per the demands of the users. The high-quality optical sensor of the biometric device is efficient in detecting fingers with fast speed. Some of the biometric fingerprint door access systems available at HTMSZ are Zkteco, Soyal ,Entrypass, MicroEngine ,Fingertec.

How Does The Fingerprint Door Access Work?

A record of fingerprints of the authentic personnel is registered in the biometric fingerprint device. When the person puts the finger on the scanner, it captures the image of the fingerprint. With the use of complex algorithms, the device search, find, match, and verify the fingerprint from the existing data.

The biometric reader has an incorporated controller, which integrates with the electric lock system of the door. So, once the device recognises and verifies the fingerprint, it signals the lock system to open the gate. This system can also be controlled to set different access times for different people.

Moreover, the fingerprint door access device also coordinates between software and internal storage. The date and time of a person’s entrance or exit are recorded into the memory. This data links with the software and is accessible to be viewed as a report. Hence, time attendance becomes appropriate and accurate.


The foremost reason to utilise biometric technology is achieving better security with a digitalised system. It grants people access to buildings or offices without keys. Also, it keeps unwanted visitors away from the site. Apart from CCTV camera service provider in Malaysia escalates the power of fingerprint door access control systems and continuously protects your things and properties without any hassle.

The following are a few of the advantages of biometric fingerprint door access system:

  • Combines with password verification or card systems
  • Faster, efficient, and safer system
  • No duplication records
  • Stores history and create timesheets
  • Remote access and control along with the built-in controller
  • Users can customise the fingerprint solution as per their preferenc