Pros & Cons of Door Access System Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Pros & Cons of Door Access System Johor Bahru, Malaysia
March 18, 2021 -

Biometric access control or fingerprint access control uses your biometrics to allow access to your home or office. It is by far the most secure, accurate, and cost-effective solution available. Fingerprint recognition (biometric fingerprint) is the most widely used biometric application for physical access control. It makes sense because people are now used to using their fingerprints to check their identity on their smartphones.

Fingerprint door access can vary from small electronic keypads to large networked networks that protect several buildings. This door access system Johor Bahru, Malaysia has a control mechanism that allows facilities maintenance much more manageable. There is no need to replace missing keys or track for old keys from the past.

Pros of Access Control System:

Fingerprint door access has many advantages, and some of them are as under:

  • It is relatively simple to show a fingerprint. It is a good option for many access control applications, particularly those with fewer people who need access, thanks to its low price point and high accuracy levels.
  • Some may have trouble remembering passwords, keys, and encryption codes. Passwords are no longer required due to the biometric system. It has many modes, including retina identification, fingerprint scanning, and facial scanning. Since signatures cannot be forged, you can also use the device to encrypt private data. Passwords and pins, on the other hand, can be stolen.
  • Fingerprint door access mechanisms are the right choice for businesses and homes to implement, and they are impossible to breach because there is no login or data to enter.
  • Biometric fingerprint readers for access control scan a person and compare their biometric data to what has previously been stored in the database. If the information is correct, the person may be able to enter the restricted area or facilities.
  • Fingerprint door access is the perfect substitute for an old lock and a key system where Individuals cannot lose or forget their fingerprints. Their fingerprints are considered as their identification card or passcode numbers.
  • It’s much harder to fake a physical feature like a fingerprint than fake an identification card, while fingerprint authentication systems are arguably more stable. It’s difficult to guess a fingerprint pattern in the same way as an attacker or unauthorized individual might attempt to guess a secret.

Cons of Access Control System:

This door access system Johor Bahru, Singapore can have a range of benefits for businesses; but, if you plan to use it, remember the following disadvantages too:

  • This fingerprint door access system only recognizes the entered traits, and if the user’s physical characteristics change even slightly, the system will fail to recognize them. The following are some of the reasons why traits may change:
  • A finger that has been burned or damaged.
  • Hands with tattoos
  • If the user is wearing contacts (which he or she usually isn’t) or vice versa
  • HR professionals cannot access the system ‘remotely’ in a crisis, such as a security breach, to remove sensitive data, which is a significant flaw.
  • Because it is an automatic system that runs on electricity, the biometric system is also unreliable. No one can enter or exit if there is a power outage.
  • If the software has a bug or fails for any reason, users’ access will be restricted until the software is restored.