Why You Should Get A Fingerprint Door Access Security System

Fingerprint Door Access
October 22, 2021 -

Security is a necessary department of any organization and business. How can you benefit and utilize your assets if they are not kept safe? How will your business thrive if its practices are not protected from the prying eyes of competitors? As with everything else, security has gone electronic and digital, and it is for the best. A Security System Company of any type will advise you to get electronic locks, security system software, and surveillance equipment. The time of locks and keys is over.

Here are some benefits if you use fingerprint door access security for your business or corporate and even your home.

1. No key or key card hassle

Almost every door access system Johor Bahru will have some component that will act as the key to your electronic lock, whether it be an actual metal key or a stripe key card. These items can be lost and difficult to manage if the locks are changed. They can be stolen and misused. With Fingerprint Door Access, you don’t have to worry about anything being misused because you are the key. It is complicated to obtain someone’s fingerprint for misuse than it is a key or card. With Fingerprint Door Access, you will never have to worry about forgetting your key or card. All doors that you have authorized for people will be open to them with a single touch.

2. Fingerprint Door Access is the best form of biometrics

A security system company may offer you different forms of biometrics like retina scan, voice recognition, and facial recognition. The Fingerprint Door Access is still the best because it has fewer shortcomings. Your voice can be recorded, and a picture of your face captured or, in extreme cases, a mask made. Suppose you arrive at your house wearing glasses or a mask and your door access system does not let you in. You have a cold, and your voice is different from the registered one. And bending down or stretching up to scan your eye is not ideal. Not to mention sometimes the scanning process can cause harm to your retina. Fingerprint Door Access is the most convenient form of biometrics.

3. The eco-friendly and cost-effective Door Access System Johor Bahru

A conventional lock and key access system with the log ins and outs for employees use up environmental resources like paper and metal and also needs regular changing, which will burden your wallet. Home locks can be damaged and need replacement which also is a hassle. The fingerprint door access system is a one-time payment that will require minimum maintenance, and the locks will be pretty permanent. If you have a large word force, you will save the cost of multiple keys and cards and cut down on your carbon footprint at the same time. The payment towards your security system company will also be narrowed down.

4. It’s the safest Door Access System Johor Bahru can choose

In case of employment resignation or termination, you do not have to worry about them misusing cards or keys and passcodes. You can block them from your system, and they will not be allowed in restricted areas. Biometric locks are the trickiest to hack or penetrate. The lock will be too much to pick from your door, so you can rest assured that no unregistered person will somehow get access to your space.

Suppose you have decided to opt for a Fingerprint door access system. In that case, you can contact us, a trusted security system company, for all your queries and assistance.